Humminbird 8 Page Brochure 2017

CHIRP DIGITAL SONAR. Your fishing arsenal isn’t limited to one or two lures. It’s filled with options. Imagine your Humminbird as a tackle box. You have a wealth of tools at your fingertips, each with its own job. And think of Humminbird CHIRP Digital Sonar as yet another lure, with a specific task: showing you fish that other forms of sonar cannot. It all starts with our proprietary transducer. Traditional transducers put you on hold, wasting valuable time “charging up” before each sonar pulse. Humminbird CHIRP transducers are engineered to minimise charge time, firing off more pulses in a given period of time. More pulses mean more information and improved target separation.

improved fish detail Nothing fishy here. With CHIRP, you can tell the difference between a sport fish, a baitfish and a weed based on the finely detailed arches. Here’s how a school of fish appears with CHIRP next to Down Imaging®.

more target separation No more “blobs.” CHIRP separates your vertical jigging action, individual fish and the bottom into distinct, detailed images. In the screen below, you can see fish rising from the bottom to attack the lure. The fish is then hooked and reeled in, as others descend back into the structure.

increased depth & range Get to the bottom of it. By blasting more energy below the surface, CHIRP can take you deeper than traditional 2D sonar. To reach depths all the way to the ocean floor with the full CHIRP capability of SOLIX and HELIX, opt for an Airmar® CHIRP transducer. Durable, precise and innovative, these industry-leading transducers are available through your Humminbird dealer. For more information, talk to your dealer.


Create richly detailed maps of contour changes, reefs, humps and wrecks in real time with Humminbird AutoChart Live, a free feature only available with the SOLIX Series and all GPS-equipped HELIX Series models. Storms and moving tidal cuts and channels are no problem for AutoChart Live’s up- to-the-minute accuracy, so you always have the most current fishing and navigational information. Map the water as you drive your vessel, with eight hours of built-in recording time. Once your map is live, view it with vegetation, bottom hardness and depth contours—or use it with i-Pilot® Link™. No added fees. No need to upload your data for the world to see. The future of digital charting has arrived. Better get on board.

let i -pilot ®

link ™

navigate for you

Follow The Depth Contours Follow Bottom Hardness Follow Vegetation

Spend less time positioning your boat and more time casting. Follow your newly created AutoChart Live depth contours, bottom hardness or vegetation automatically with optional i-Pilot Link and a compatible Minn Kota trolling motor.

store and share AutoChart Live-equipped models come with eight hours of recording memory built in. For years of recording memory, purchase an optional AutoChart ZeroLine SD Card, which also lets you privately export and share your secret fishing spots with a buddy. BLA CODE: 103648

chart more detail with every pass

depth contours With a major assist from your transducer, AutoChart Live draws a map of depth contours— complete with actual depth labels—as you drive your boat.

bottom hardness Now the detail goes even deeper. AutoChart Live uses sonar to measure and chart bottom hardness, tipping you off to likely hotspots.

vegetation The weedline can no longer hide. With help from your sonar beam, AutoChart Live can now instantly map weeds, brush and other vegetation.

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