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CHIRP RADAR. Introducing the next generation of marine radar: new CHIRP Radar, featuring CHIRP Pulse Compression. Setting a new standard for compact solid state radar, this technology delivers superior radar imaging on both long and extremely short ranges. This translates to better situational awareness in low-visibility conditions, and helps identify birds and floating obstacles for clues to where gamefish are located. You can also track weather and vessels with amazing definition. Available for select Humminbird models with networking capabilities.

chirp pulse compression Along with excellent short-range detection (5.5 m minimum range), CHIRP Pulse Compression ensures more energy reaches each target for superior imaging at long ranges up to 24 nautical miles. CHIRP Pulse Compression identifies small or weak targets, even while positioned close to strong returns.

specifications Antenna Dimension

53.3 cm Enclosed Dome

Antenna Type


Peak Power Output Transmit Frequency Beamwidth (nominal)


9354 to 9446 MHz

4.9º Horizontal and 20ºVertical

superior radar imaging See things more clearly with Humminbird CHIRP Radar. Shorelines, buoys, other boats and weather—watch it all take shape on your display for maximum safety and a competitive edge. Available for all networking models, advanced target separation displays targets with unsurpassed resolution and quality. solid state performance Thanks to solid state technology, Humminbird radar is safe, reliable and lightweight. At 5.5 kg, the radar unit weighs 50% less than traditional magnetron radars and offers safe emissions with a low power radar transmitter. It’s also ready to use in seconds, without a lengthy warm-up period.

Input Voltage Networking

12 or 24VDC (Min: 10.8V, Max: 31.2V)


Max. Range Scale Power Consumption

1/16 th to 24 nautical miles

Transmit Mode 17W; Standby Mode7W



Pulse Widths (3 dB) CHIRP Lengths CHIRP Bandwidth

40 ns to 14.7 μs 400 ns to 20 μs

Up to 32 MHz

IF Bandwidth

26 MHz


Less than 4dB




5.6 kg






(A) View individual planks and fish schools on this submerged bridge.

(B) Zoom in to reveal a single fish and its shadow.



(C) Observe the school of fish holding over this debris pile in zoom mode.

(D) Easily identify the branches and fish in this submerged tree.

BLA CODE: 991006

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